Sons of Anarchy

Movies, TV shows and advertisements all depict motorcycles in a different way, most of which are quite a bit over board. Sons of Anarchy is a great example of how the media and pop culture today depicts what motorcycle riders are like. In episode one season one of Sons of Anarchy, motorcycles arent a predominant thing in the first episode. Despite the few appearances of the steel machines, they do represent one thing: a bond.

In order to view the first episode a Netflix account is needed or the episode needs to be purchased so I am unable to attach a video on this post!

Sons of Anarchy starts the season off right with a totally bad ass first episode with an intense opening scene! In summary, the first episode is all about a revenge plot against the Mayans, a rival gang, who stole and/or destroyed the Sons of Anarchy’s weaponry in a house fire. Motorcycles help give this overall serious and badass appearance through slow-motion cutscenes and cool camera views.

This first episode uses motorcycles to show a bond. In one way they convey a sense of brotherhood. The fact that they constantly wear their leather biker vests alone shows that bond through a brotherhood. Also, Jax, one of the starring roles, has the Sons of Anarchy symbol tattooed largely onto his back which is the symbol of brotherhood and bond. Another huge bond that the motorcycles form is a family bond.  Many times in the first episode, personal issues have come up in some of the members’ lives that might conflict with getting even with the Mayans. In such cases, members are supportive of other members that need to attend to these specific family matters. Yet, everybody within this family wants to be apart of getting revenge and do whatever the family needs them to do, so they are always together. Thats why they always ride together on their motorcycles as a family. One last form of bond is the form of a gang but in this episode the gang is a family business. In one part Clay says “Finish it” to Jax, meaning to kill the last survivor of the Mayans when they confronted them. This is a way of Jax proving their alliance loyalty with the motorcycle gang.

The most common view that society has on Harley Davidson riders specifically is that they are all a bunch of no-gooders and are generally all in a motorcycle gang.  For the most part, Sons of Anarchy supports this assumption very well! Yet, the one thing that this television series brings to the attention of the public is that motorcycles create a bond between every member in it, that is associated with family, brotherhood, and gang affiliated business.


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