Blog Reflection

This blog was a really great thing to do for a college kid to do. At first, I thought that this may not be a very good fit for me and though I wouldn’t like it. After a few posts, though, I started to enjoy the fact that I had my own personal blog full of my ideas for people to see publicly. Some people wouldn’t like to have their work be publicized but that is something that I thrive off of. It was really easy for me to write each post since the entirety of my blog was on a topic that I chose. I feel like writing a blog could be a great thing to do and I could see myself getting more serious about it later in life. It would be easier to write if it was something I could spend more time on.

I learned a lot of things about motorcycles and their advertisements through the process of writing a blog. I learned how motorcycles are depicted in society as well as how the riders are depicted in society. One thing is for sure, movies, TV shows, and advertisements totally blow things out of proportion and exaggerate the image of the motorcycle and it’s riders. I learned that motorcycles are a great leeway to get a message across in an advertisement by using their slick and fast characteristics to relate to a product. I learned that there are new innovations and changes in motorcycles themselves as well as how they are advertised to the public.

As far as learning about myself, I learned a ton about myself! I learned how much that I actually do love motorcycles and this blog makes me realize it more. Another thing I learned about is time management. This blog gave me a deadline for a blog portfolio so I had to learn how to manage my time wisely so I met the proper deadlines. Lastly, I learned that I am starting to use the AFOSP method when looking over my blog entries without even being told to. I learned that I can be  a much better writer when I write about something I am truly passionate about as well as something that is not usual in an English 101 class. No other 101 class would allow students to write about a pop culture topic of their choosing so I am very thankful!

I believe that writing this blog can help me grow as a writer and make me a better writer in the future. I think that changing it up a bit and writing a blog within an English class instead of essay after essay can help me be a versatile writer. It certainly has expanded my boundaries to talk about current and relatable things which is a good change from a standard essay and is a healthy exercise for a writer. Also, keeping up with a blog and writing constantly about a topic can help keep my writing abilities active. Also, writing about the same topic numerous times can ensure that every aspect of the topic is being explored.


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