Whats the difference anyway?

There are two types of street motorcycles today: sports bikes/crotch rockets and cruising relaxing motorcycles. To be more specific with brand names, Yamaha usually is in the street bike category and Harley Davidson tends to be in the cruising motorcycle category. It is clear, by each Yamaha’s and Harley’s advertisements, how their motorcycles differ from each other in big ways.

In the above video is an example of one of Harley Davidson’s motorcycle commercials. The advertisement has a sort of slow appeal to it. Harley wants to show people that their company is all about kicking back, putzing around and actually enjoying a nice ride on their motorcycle. With this sense of slowing down, there is an appreciation for the nicer aspects that Harley motorcycles have to offer. By doing so being slow could be a way of giving the rider a chance to look at the motorcycle and really appreciate the time and craftsmanship put into each individual bike. It also should be noted that the commercial has a lot of wooded background suggesting that Harley Davidson’s are perfect riding machines for long road trips. It is a way that they are showing the motorcycles’ close relationship with mother nature.

In the second video is an example of a Yamaha Ninja street bike advertisement. As you can see, there are big differences in this video. The main difference being tempo. The Yamaha commercial is trying to sell one thing, and that is speed. The way they do this is by taking their bike to a dangerous highway road with a professional driver and pushing the bike to the limit. Another thing different from the Harley advertisement is that the garb being worn by the Yamaha rider is covering every inch of his body, where the Harley advertisement has many riders with helmets that don’t cover the face completely. It gives the Yamaha riders an appearance of being a different person. Lastly, Yamaha suggests that their bikes will attract a crowd with its slick and sporty features where Harley doesn’t touch upon that as much.

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