Electric Motorcycles?

Image that your dreams when you were a kid finally came true! Imagine if the things depicted in video games actually came to life! In the attached video, a  electric motorcycle replica of the Tron “light cycle” has been constructed by the Parker Brothers Custom Choppers.

This is not any of your average motorcycles you see riding down the street, obviously. But beyond the physical appearance of this bike, the “light cycle” has something else hidden within that makes it revolutionary and truly special. The battery that powers this incredible machine is a lithium battery which is clean, efficient, and cheap! Evolve Electric Motorcycles, the company that sells and distributes these $55,000 gems, knows that times are hard with the economy and are making a movement to electric scooters and motorcycles that can be somewhat affordable to people as well as being clean to the environment. They want the decision being made for buying this motorcycle to not be a financial decision, rather, they want it to be a decision based off of beliefs and morals.

I believe that this will be a great start to environmentally friendly vehicles. I believe this is a great start because we are starting at something small: motorcycles. This could be a critical gateway to government officials, or whoever is skeptical about expensive fuel efficient vehicles, to show how well these motorcycles turn out and use them to  base further decisions and opinions about electric cars. Although  electric motorcycles may appeal to some, many stubborn people will not want an electric motorcycle or electric car. This is because even though electric engines are cleaner, lets just face it, they don’t have the same power as a combustion engine and therefore are less reliable for work. Not to mention they don’t have that sweet low growl of the engine that everybody loves so much!


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