Keep it simple!

When you think of roadways, what comes to mind? Roadways today, in every city around the globe, are poorly built to fit the needs of our growing world and that leads to road congestion.

Many ways to deal with this issue have been introduced, such as creating small taxes for vehicles that use roadways, like described in this TED Talk video. Rather than spend money on repairing roadways, a short-term method for the issue is to charge motorists 1-2 euros for driving. Although 1-2 euros don’t sound like much, it was enough to make 20% of vehicles disappear. Therefore 80% of traffic, a huge amount, still left on the roadways might seem to be a lot but it truly isn’t since traffic is a “non-linear phenomenon”. Meaning that even though such a low percentage of traffic was reduced, congestion will still go down overall. This shows how even the smallest fee can make a huge difference in motorist safety.

Interestingly enough, whenever the charges were dropped and put back on again, motorists would react accordingly and either get back on the roads when the charges no longer existed, or get off the roads when the charges were enforced. This solution is good and satisfies the overall goal to protect drivers that use roadways, especially motorcyclists who are very vulnerable. Surprisingly, motorists warmed up to the idea and started supporting this new driving fee. This resolution is incredibly simple and that is why it works wonders.


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