First Motor Memory

As far as I can remember, cars have been a big part of my life. I never lived in a family that had racecar drivers or have any racing affiliation; yet, everyone in my family loves cars and motorcycles. The first spark for the want of a motorcycle for me started quite young. My uncle has about 5 dirt bikes at his house that he lets us ride around in his back wooded area.  That was like the ultimate freedom for my cousins and I as a child. Aside from that, my dad showed me a picture of an old cherry red Harley that he had growing up, which only fed my hunger for wanting my own motorcycle even more. Sadly, that obsession for motorcycles was short lasted and wasn’t even in my mind in high school. My first memory in cars was probably just getting jerked around as a kid in my mom’s old stick shift Toyota Supra. On the other hand, I believe that my first interest in cars came when I got my very first car. During my sophomore year summer, I worked hard and saved up some money to buy myself, with the help of my dad, an all white 1991 Acura Integra stick shift with gold 8-spoked rims. I treated that car like it was my baby and the fact that it was a stick shift, and considered to be a sports car, gave me the need for speed. In college, my love for cars re-sparked my interest in motorcycles and now I want one more than I have ever wanted one before.



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