Hello all!

My name is Justin and after being thrown off my throne at high school I am starting all over again at the bottom; as an undergraduate freshman at WSU studying mechanical engineering. Woe is me, right? Just kidding. Even though I am a mechanical engineer and love taking things apart and seeing how they work inside, I like to write and am pretty good at it, in my opinion. Not a lot of engineers can say they like to write, and it shows because from experience most of them are terrible writers anyway.

I think writing about popular culture is a very refreshing thing to do in an English class. As for my pop culture blog topic, I am torn between two subjects. Although I love sports, basketball especially (option 1), I am a little more inclined to write about cars and/or possibly motorcycles (option 2). This is where engineering comes in. I love working on cars and am intrigued with how they work mechanically, therefore, this subject would be great to write about. I think it would be cool to show how cars designs, for example, have developed over the years in different ways that relate to changing culture, people or whatever it be.

As for finding sources on this subject, it should be a breeze. Cars are used in our everyday lives and are always changing so there should be plenty of sources out there whether that be articles, books, pictures especially, etc. I will try to incorporate as many images into my blog as possible because for such a subject it really helps to visualize what I am rambling on about.

I hope to get a more broad understanding about how cars work and how cars have changed over the years along with factors that influenced those changes. Also, I want to understand how and when motorcycles came into play as a major type of transportation in the world. Most importantly, I want to inform my readers on how much cars impact human life today and also, show them how truly passionate I am about these metal machines!


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